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Appliance Maintenance Membership Plans

Save With A Maintenance Plan
Prevent catastrophic appliance failure and save on repairs
Our maintenance plans were designed to deliver ultimate peace of mind. When you work out the numbers, a maintenance plan just makes sense. In addition to saving you cost on repairs, it prevents out-of-pocket expenses from having to purchase new machines
Maintenance Plans Make Sense
What if we could extend the life of your appliances?
So you forgot to purchase the maintenance plan when you bought your appliance. Don’t worry. We can still help by offering carefully curated maintenance membership packages. You can rest easy knowing that we have your back.

Commercial -
Appliance Maintenance Membership Plans

Property managers, landlords, and businesses stand to benefit the most from a commercial maintenance plan. Considering the hefty initial investment needed to purchase commercial appliances, a maintenance membership plan only makes sense.

Keeping your customers happy should be a priority for every business. Not only can you not afford for your commercial appliances to break down, but it will also throw a wrench in the daily operations of your business. Consider how a commercial maintenance plan will make your life easier and less stressful.

Commercial Appliance Maintenance Plans
Residential Maintenance Plans

Residential -
Appliance Maintenance Membership Plans

The average household in California has at least six appliances that are used daily. Imagine a day without your stove? Imagine a week without your washing machine? Purchasing an appliance maintenance plan only makes sense in the long run.

Whether you just purchased a brand-new machine or want to extend the longevity of your old appliances, a maintenance plan can help. Not only does it take the stress of keeping your appliances maintained off your back, but it also delivers security so that your daily routines won’t be interrupted.

Saving Your Money

Our Appliance Maintenance Membership Plans

Signing up for a maintenance plan will save you money in the long run. By properly maintaining your devices, you can extend their life by up to 25%. Why buy a new machine when you can keep your current one running as long as possible with an affordable maintenance plan.

Commercial Appliance Maintenance Plans

Commercial Appliance Maintenance Plans

Residential Maintenance Plans

Residential Appliance Maintenance Plans
Kitchen and Laundry

Want To Know More?

You might have questions. That’s ok. We’re here to reassure your doubts and take away the stress. Pick up the phone to see exactly how our appliance maintenance plans will save you time and money.

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